How does this work?

For full, step-by-step instructions on how to run a meetup, click here.

Better Referendum takes you step by step through the core facts on the EU vote – then lets you pick the issues you want to discuss in your group.

First up, you set the ground rules for your discussion – making sure you all agree to keep it civil!

Then you vote in your group to pick as many or as few issues as you want or have time to go over – each issue takes about 50 minutes to go through. Bear this in mind when you are deciding how many issues you want to discuss.

For each of the issues, there are videos by the experts explaining the key arguments, followed by videos from the Leave and Remain campaigns so you know how each side stands on your chosen topic.

After the videos, there is a chance to debate the issues and even vote on them.

Tips from Professor Matthew Flinders