Looking for more information? The following organisations have been fact checking the EU referendum debate:

EU Decide

DemSoc's website is full of information for people in the UK about what the European Union is, how it works, and how it affects your life. Includes educational resources and interviews.

UK in a Changing Europe

The authoritative source for independent research on UK-EU relations

Full Fact

Full Fact is the UK’s independent, non-partisan, factchecking charity. They check claims made by politicians, the media, pressure groups, and other voices in public debate, and push for corrections where necessary.

BBC Reality Check

BBC Reality Check gets to the facts behind the claims in the EU referendum campaign.

Channel 4's FactCheck

Channel 4 FactCheck goes behind the spin to dig out the truth and separate political fact from fiction.

Leave or Stay

Compare both sides of the debate based on issues that matter to you and make an informed decision about which way to vote at the EU Referendum on Thursday June 23rd 2016.

EU Debate NI

In November 2015, the Northern Ireland Centre for Democracy and Peace Building (CDPB) launched ‘EU Debate NI’. CDPB are taking a neutral position with regard to the referendum.

Leave Campaigns

Vote Leave is the designated lead leave campaign. You can find out what this means and how it was decided on the Electoral Commission's website.


Grassroots Out

Labour Leave

Left Leave


Remain Campaigns

Britain Stronger in Europe is the designated lead remain campaign. You can find out what this means and how it was decided on the Electoral Commission's website.

Labour In For Britain

Conservatives In

Lib Dems In Together

SNP In Europe


Another Europe


If you'd like to submit a leave or remain campaign or a fact checking service, please use our contact us page.